Madship Brewing

The home brewing system of Mike Heydenrych

Brewing philosophy

What a hobby this is! I joined Worthog Brewers in February 2001, and never looked back. After looking through the Worthogs' web site, and attending an all-mash demonstration by Jeremy Wallis, I immediately went about building my all-grain brewery.

Basically, I designed it around an 80-liter conical fermenter. It was easy to get regular-shaped vessels of the required volume.  This made some nice beers, so I started improving other aspects of my brewery by building:

Browse, and enjoy!


My signature beer is an American Pale Ale. I find that approximately equal additions of 40-minute, 30-minute, 15-minute, 0-minute and dry hops (Centennial and Cascade) give a beautiful balanced character to my ales.  You want to avoid hop astringency from overboiling, and loading the aroma at the expense of flavour can tire the palate.

I also enjoy making a Berliner Weisse for summer drinking, a Dry Irish Stout (any time!).  Perhaps the joy of homebrewing is brewing many different styles - I looked up all the brews I've done on Promash, and found that I've already brewed 42 different styles.

Personal details

My brewery is located in Centurion, South Africa. (This is between Pretoria and Johannesburg, see map.)  I am a Chemical Engineer by profession, and I can be contacted by e-mail at mike at heydenrych dot info.

Heydenrych web sites

The Heydenrych family name is dicussed in detail at  Another site on the domain is my sister at; have a look at her awesome pots.