Madship Brewing

The Madship Brewing

Origin of the name

There are several anagrams to be found in the name - "Mash", "a sip" and "mdh" (my initials). I also like the reference to "mad" unorthodoxy in brewing - It's fun to be adventurous!
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Hot-side equipment

The hot-side is entirely made of polyethylene vessels: a 120-liter hot liquor tank, a 50-liter mash tun and a 100-liter kettle. I use a geyser element and thermostat to control the temperature of the hot liquor tank, and an Incoloy 3kW electrical element for the kettle.

The system is single-tier, and uses three magnetically-coupled washing machine pumps (one per vessel) to move fluid between vessels.  The picture below shows one of these pumps, that cost just R150 each ($20).  On the far left is the switch box for the pumps, and on the right, behind the wooden manifold mounting, is a quick-connect for cooling water for the counterflow chiller.  The copper tube that takes the wort to the chiller is visible bottom-right.